Does your hospitality business have a mobile app? Here is why it needs one!

What Are the Current Trends in Mobile App Adoption for the Hospitality Industry?

Personal growth has taken a whole new meaning in the light of the massive global technological changes that were never seen before in the course of human history.

The traditional question we ask all young kids “What do you want to be when you grow?” will have answers never heard before as the next generation will probably be working on jobs that did not exist before. If you told someone 20 years ago that a mobile application will exist for almost everything you could think of – no one would have believed it.

A research by Statista shows that the global mobile data traffic is expected to increase almost sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. And according to latest reports, the global mobile population amounts to up to 3.7 Billion unique users around the world.

Mobile technology, empowered by the internet and the emergence of mobile apps, has become a game changer for several industries – including the hospitality industry.

So, what impact does the development of these mobile apps have on the hospitality industry? How are hotels, resorts, and other similar businesses using these technological advancements and what are the current trends to follow?

Mobile-friendly Websites and Apps

Hotels must go mobile all the way. Mobile websites and applications have become extremely important for encouraging prospective customers to check room availability and book rooms, read hotel reviews, view room pictures, and browse through hotel services.

Maintaining Long-term Relationships and Connecting with Customers

The traditional ways of maintaining long-term relationships with customers and connecting with the customers are still important but review platforms and social media websites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) are becoming increasingly important. From the hotel’s perspective – they are able to respond to consumer comments as quickly as possible, and handle queries and feedback directly from the social media apps or other software. These quick responses help build a good reputation with the customers, increasing their trust in the business.

Brand Loyalty

The best way to ensure a steady inflow of loyal customers again and again is through building brand loyalty. Mobile apps allow customers to access information quickly whenever they need, book their rooms without any hassle and make it easy to offer instant loyalty programs, rewards, and other offers. Guest feedbacks allow the hotels to improve their performance and the use of such technology to do all these things allows them to engage guests, serve them better, and make sure they remain loyal to the brand.


New Avenues in Self-service

Some customers might prefer one on one interactions, but due to the scarcity of time – there is a lot of scope for businesses to take advantage of the specialty services that can be offered on mobile apps and smart devices.

A mobile application can help serve as a self-service option for the customers in terms of:

  • Room service orders
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Online payments
  • Dinner reservations
  • Check-ins and check-outs
  • Appointments for spa treatments or massages


If you have a hotel mobile app in place, the management level employees can get a quick access to detailed analytics and reports which allows you to speed up the operations and respond to any changes as required. Detailed analytics can help hotel businesses to understand exactly what guests want, where does the hotel need to improve and much more.

All the above information is regarding the different ways in which hotels and resorts use or can use mobile technologies to have a better connection with the customers and reduce operation costs.

Hotels must go mobile all the way. Mobile websites and applications have become extremely important. Here is an overview.

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