Turn Home Into Real Estate Gold With These Home Improvement Tips – Boost Your Property Value

A house is a huge investment and if a few fixes can help you increase its value you would definitely want to try them.

Revive the Kitchen

The kitchen is widely considered the heart of the home and because of this remodeling your kitchen can help increase the value of your house significantly. It’s not about the money you spend but more about being creative and thinking about the small changes you can make. Buyers expect the kitchen to have all the standard items so make sure of that. You might want to throw in some extra lights to make the space look good and updated.

Spice up the Basement

Most basements are plain, empty, unused spaces that no one really visits. Some basements are used as storage for unused stuff. You can transform your basement into an entertainment area, a bar or a home theater. This can make great use of the space and will inevitably add a few numbers to the resale value.



Paint can do wonders

Painting the walls of your house is one of the easiest and least expensive things to do that can change the entire look of the place. Make sure that the colors you choose are as classic and neutral as any future buyer would want.

Customize with Caution

A home which is not set up to specific tastes is more likely to sell for more. Too much customization can be a problem if ever plan to sell your house.

Bathrooms matter

A bathroom might not be the first impression of your house, but investing in this particular room may go a long way when it comes to increasing value. If there is room for one you might want to add an extra bathroom or you can just stick to remodeling the existing ones. Try to keep your bathroom as efficient as possible and avoid things like a whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi as people these days are more considered about saving energy bills than such luxuries.

Things to Avoid 

Here is a look at some of the home improvements you might want to avoid especially in terms of increasing value.

  • Swimming Pools – Installing an in-ground swimming pool may sound like a good idea, but it actually makes your house more difficult to sell. Families with children do not want a house with a swimming pool which eliminates a large chunk of prospective buyers.
  • High-End Appliances – Avoid installing high-end and heavy appliances in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Houses that are energy efficient are more valuable these days as compared to the luxurious ones only a few can afford.
  • Room Addition – Think twice before adding a room as it can cost thousands of dollars/rupees/dirhams and might use up the area that makes your house look spacious.

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